Green transition of Thurø

In this course, students will learn about climate adaptation by phasing out fossil fuels in favor of renewable energy sources. Samsø has over a number of years worked to make the island climate-friendly, and is now known as “Denmark’s renewable energy island”. Let’s imagine that Thurø wants to go the same way.

The scenario consists of 6 modules of 1-3 lessons each.

Module 1: Investigate
» In the first phase, students learn about renewable energy sources.
» They can choose between offshore wind turbines, solar cells and a biofuel plant.

Module 2: Interpret
» Students learn about how much power the various energy sources produce.

Module 3: Get ideas
» The students must make a plan for how the coal power plant can be replaced with renewable energy sources.

Module 4 & 5: Experiment 1 & 2
» The students must buy and place energy sources and switch off the coal-fired power plant.
» They can read and calculate if their solution has produced enough power, otherwise they have to change their plan.

Module 6: Perspectives
» The students present the team’s total solution to the class.

STEM course

Natural science

Grade: 5. til 7.

Teachers Manual 5th. grade – PDF
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