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The educational scenarios have been testet in classes by students and teachers around the world.

50 students in a school of Elsinore explored their city in Build A World EDU.

The students built new sustainable houses, taking refugees in the city into account, while also managing the use of green energy.

70 km2 of Elsinore was made available to the students.


“I have never learned so much in one day, as today!”

» Student, age 12

“What you guys at Build A World have done, is top notch, really good!”

» Teacher

“By working with simulation in Build A World EDU the students have developed their understanding of what good infrastructure and architecture means for the society they live in. In the evaluations, several of the students described that they have learned to worked together with new people, and that they have gotten wiser about how the real world works.”

» Teacher

“I didn't know how a nuclear reactor worked before... in this way its really cool that you learn about it in a lesson”

» Student, age 11

“I have totally bought into this, best stuff in a long time!”

» Teacher

“What you are doing at Build A World EDU, is exactly the direction our school is headed”

» Teacher