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What is Build A World EDU?

  • A combination of a computer game and a digital learning tool designed for schools – and tested in schools
  • Educational scenarios for 1th to 9th grade within the natural sciences and cultural sciences
  • Well made student and teacher guides
  • Block-based realistic world with the physical laws

What can Build A World EDU do?

  • Simulation of reality with for example the elements, gravity, fire, water, natural phenomena and more
  • Realistic 3D graphics, animated people and animals behaving like in the real world using AI
  • Support for import of GIS data so that students can work in their local area. It is possible to import an area of ​​up to 100 km2.
  • Vegetation that grows as one expects it
  • Elements can be extracted, refined and used to produce materials
  • Different weather conditions that reflect the seasons
  • Materials can burn according to their calorific value
  • Nature can dry out during periods of drought and be flooded after cloudbursts or sea level rise. The vegetation in the world is directly affected by this
  • Opportunity to work with infrastructure by designing roads, railways and electricity networks for the distribution of electricity
  • Construction of power plants that can produce energy by burning coal, oil, wood chips, waste or wood. It is also possible to build nuclear power plants
  • Climate adaptation can be taught and students get a clear visual indication of different types of pollution
  • A variety of measuring tools are available (for measuring cm, meters, watts, joules)
  • Youtube movies are available on screens in the 3D world, with information for students on the subject

How is Build A World EDU used?

  • Build A World EDU is easy and intuitive to use
  • Has teacher functionality so that the teacher can control the teaching process
  • The educational scenarios are divided into modules that can be paused and continued, depending on what suits the teacher’s plan
  • The whole class can collaborate in the same 3D world
  • Students can be divided into teams and work in their respective parts of the world
  • The 3D worlds are located in the ‘cloud’, so they can be easily accessed from anywhere
  • Several languages ​​to choose from: Danish, Swedish, English, German, French and Spanish
  • Full support for Unilogin


Cloud Server
Problem: You can’t connect to your BAW EDU Cloud Server.
Solution: Contact your local IT Department and make sure following ports are open in the firewall: UDP ports outbound to 2500-2800.


LAN Server
Problem: The student computer can’t “see” the teacher’s server.
Solution: Contact your IT Department and make sure LAN BROADCAST is enabled on the local LAN network. Make sure the student computers and teacher’s server are on the same network.


Automatic updates
Problem: The automatic updater stops while updating.
Solution: Contact your IT Department and make sure that BAW EDU is marked as a ‘safe app’ in the firewall and in the anti-virus software.



Minimum hardware requirements

Graphics card: NVIDIA 600 series, AMD Radeon HD 7730, Intel HD Graphics 400 (2016) (Intel drivers), with the latest driver
Memory: minimum 4 GB
OS: Windows 10

Graphics card: AMD or NVIDIA Open GL 4.3 capable with 1536MB of VRAM (Intel graphic card not officially supported), with the latest driver
Memory: minimum 3 GB
Kernel: 3.0 or newer

OS version 28
Memory: minimum 8 GB


Data processing

BAW EDU’s politik vedr. GDPR og databehandling

BAW EDU’s system er designet som ’Privacy by Design’, dvs. at vi gemmer mindst mulige data.

Det ligger os meget på sinde, at være ansvarlige, dataminimere og følge gældende lovgivning på området.

En gang årligt gennemgår vi vores system, og sikrer at, der ikke indsamles nogen form for persondata og at sikkerheden er i top.


I praksis foregår det således
Lærere: Når en lærer har fået adgang via. sit Unilogin, kan læreren logge ind. Efter vellykket login hos STIL, videresendes login fra STIL (https://www.stil.dk/) til BAW. Der oprettes automatisk en brugerkonto hos BAW og lærerens Unilogin-navn gemmes envejskrypteret. Der hentes ingen yderligere data hos STIL og der gemmes ingen yderligere data hos BAW om læreren. Dette betyder, at lærere er anonyme i BAW’s system og at vi ikke kan fremsøge data på læreren (eller eleverne). Der gemmes altså ingen persondata om læreren i BAW’s system.

Hvis det ønskes, kan en kunde bede om at få slettet en bruger i BAW’s system. Dette kræver, at vi får oplyst lærerens Unilogin-navn. Så slettes kontoen og de dertil hørende BAW-kort.

Elever: Elever logger ikke ind med Unilogin. Elever logger ind med et lærer-id, en tilfældigt genereret PIN-kode og et elevnummer, som de får udleveret af læreren. Der gemmes ingen persondata om eleven i BAW’s system.

Læreren og eleverne kan vælge at skrive et navn ind per spil-session, et alias, fx ‘Peter’ eller ‘Super Maria’. Disse navne er midlertidige og gemmes ikke.


Hvor behandles og gemmes data?

BAW-Servere og database: Amazon EC2 / Dublin Ireland
BAW-kort og opdateringsfiler: Amazon S3 / Dublin Ireland
BAW-Database: Amazon RDS / Dublin Ireland

Hos Amazon anvendes ‘buckets’. De buckets der anvendes til at hente generelle opdateringer til BAW EDU spillet, er ’public’, mens buckets der anvendes til kort-data, er ’private’.

BAW-kortene indeholder ikke PII (Personally identifiable information).

En lærers envejskrypterede Unilogin-navn gemmes på Amazon RDS under GDPR. Lærerens envejskrypterede Unilogin-navn deles ikke med andre.

Vi er vores egen databehandler. Ingen i ‘databehandlerkæden’ bruger Privacy Shield. Ingen data sendes til USA.

Vi deler ikke data med nogen trejdelande.

Amazon GDPR Center

Amazon Data Center

Amazon Data Processing