How it works

Tools for drawing up their own training lessons and courses BAW EDU also designed to give the teacher the tools to create their own virtual learning environment with the ability to create and share their own teaching.

Content Tools

This tool allows teachers to set the premises for a virtual scenario. This also includes the features and content that supports the organization of teaching in the virtual space, for example. ‘Spawnblokke’, which marks a gathering place for more players or ‘teleport block’ which transports the player to a new location.

Task Tools

This tool allows teachers to add new tasks to the game, for example. the fastest of students. Students entering the tasks in the game and receive information when there are new tasks to be done. When they are done, they can cross them off, and the teacher can follow the group’s progression.

Role Tools

This tool allows teachers to assign specific students / players specific roles, functions or competencies, as we know from the real world, for example. a profession as an engineer, architect, engineer or electrician. This will strengthen the cooperation in which the individual student’s abilities are used well.

Administrative tools 'Playmaker'

This tool allows teachers to control the scenario premises during the game. It allows teachers to be a ‘playmaker’ or games distributed by changing a paragraph in the game, for example. the weather, or by adding new content to the game, which in turn creates a new dynamic. The tool also provides management relation. Students’ individual abilities and opportunities, which is a prerequisite to carry out an organized teaching.