Nature Simulation

Build A World focuses on simulating the real world. Everything from physics of gravity, water, the nature’s growth, cycles* and seasons* to the dangers and challenges from the environment, disasters and pollution*.

Ocean water level and Flooding

Experience how raised sea levels affects the environment.

Sun, Moon and Stars*

Enter Build A World and look up and watch the sun, moon and stars positioned as in the real world. Teach the students about the starmap.

Weather system*

A super realistic cloudsystem with different layers of clouds, snow, rain and thunder.

Percolation and Seepage

Groundwater affected by water use, percolation keeping areas around water sources watered for plant growth

Vegetation and Soil

Growing and farming crops*, fertilizing and harvesting*.

Water Springs

Watering areas and creating streams.


Real time gravity shows the student how their inventions will act in the real world.

Rain* and Humidity

Rain will keep the soil moist and make vegetation grow. Heavy rain can flood areas.


Fire can spread to burnable materials. Use firefighting with firebreaks and water* to prevent devastation of large areas.

Sandstorms and Dust Storms*

As soil dries out, dust storms can arise and move soil.

Volcanos and Earthquakes

Natural disasters and disaster management.


Areas without rain or irrigation will dry out. Withering of plants and the possibility of a wildfire in the dry landscape.
Power System Simulation

Creating both sustainable and conventional power grid systems are one of the key features of Build A World. The students can easily learn how to create and use wind turbines, solar power,  coal, gas* or nuclear technology and distribute power to a certain area.

Powergrids with power transformers

From small to large scale. From a single battery with a light bulb, to entire cities with power plants, processing in real time on the whole map.

Conventional power production: Coal, Gas* and Nuclear

Produce power using conventional technologies and measure CO2 and pollution*. Try to solve the power supply logistics and waste management*.

Sustainable power production: Wind turbines and Solar panels

Deploy sustainable power production in the powergrid, using current and upcoming sustainable solutions and technologies.

Power consumption

Household appliances, Lights, Pumps, Electrical Trains. Detailed and exact consumption statistics*.
GIS Data and modelling

Build A World can import GIS data of real cities and land areas, so the students will find themselves in their own local area or experience other cities or wonders of the world, and let them visualize, manipulate, question and analyze the world.

GIS data import

Using GIS data Build A World can create a real part of the world, with details like houses, roads, forests, power systems, ocean, lakes etc. for the students to work with.

3D model export and 3D printing

Easily export a 3D model ready for 3D printing. Lets the students show a physical object of their work for ‘show and tell’.

Model functions

Students can create, import, save and share their favorite models like buildings, constructions etc. Using the ‘copy/paste’ function, models can easily be placed in the world.
Marine life Simulation

A wide range of fish and other marine life like sharks, turtles and octopuses can be observed in the waters of Build A World. Fish Spawn Blocks give the possibility of creating decorative and lively aquariums or realistic lakes and streams.


From sharks, turtles and dolphins to the rare orca.


Aquariums can be filled with ocean life.
Traffic And Transportation

The advanced but easy to use Train Track Tool enables students to plan and manage infrastructure in or between urban areas or cities.

Traffical infrastructure

Solve logistic challenges and simulate real traffic situations

Trains and tracks

Build Railroad tracks and manage railways.
Additional Features

There are numerous features in Build A World that adds to the seriousness of Build A World EDU as a modern learning tool.


Trade and sale of produced and found items.

Overview map

The overview map is show the current world, players and important constructions.


Display youtube videos ingame, creating sound effects or providing information for the scenario.


Use designer mode to master the building of your own creations and share your buildings with others.

 *Work In Progress or Upcoming Features