Our Vision

Our vision is of a new world of learning, based on interactive simulation software. Using scenario-based learning, students and teachers collaborate to research and solve realistic challenges while developing 21st-century skills. It empowers the students to acquire and effectively apply their knowledge, skills and beliefs to achieve their full potential.
Build A World EDU is a modern educational tool that uses real world information, creating value and making a difference by providing a rewarding learning process.

Our Mission

We are committed to constantly innovate and expand Build A World EDU to become the most interesting and challenging modern learning environment, advance the profession of education, involve the students, improve their social skills, make them happy and enthusiastic.


Leading IT and Gaming professors Thorkild Hanghøj and Stine Ejsing-Duun from Aalborg University, are involved in Build A World EDU ensuring relevant and high quality educational content.

Build A World EDU is a proud recipient of the ‘Development fund for Digital Learning Resources’ from the Danish Ministry of Education.

Build A World EDU works closely with the world leading GIS partners Esri and Informi GIS. Using Esri’s unique CityEngine software, many types of GISdata are combined and made available for Build A World EDU. Education at Esri

UCC provides teacher education and social education. UCC advises Build A World EDU on a variety of teaching methods and how to plan for future teaching.
The Gameworkshop uses Build A World EDU and their resources of young gamers, students and teachers to research and improve game based learning.
Plant and soil simulation is being developed in coorporation with University of Copenhagen, Department Of Plant And Environmental Sciences.

The Team


Søren Grønbech

CEO & Development
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Lisa Møller

Head of Strategy and Didactics

Jesper Højer

Didactic Specialist and Business Manager

Sune Toft

Digital marketing

Matt Kielan

Simulation & Graphic Lead

Adrian Asher


Jess Rafn

Quality Assurance & Community

Michael Larsen


Merv Pepler

Music & Sound FX